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ERP Solutions for Order-Driven


As an order-driven manufacturer, you face unique challenges in managing your operations and supply chain. That's where our ERP software comes in. 

Our software solutions are specifically designed to support the needs of discrete manufacturers, with features such as advanced production planning and scheduling, inventory management, and quality control. By automating and optimizing these processes, our ERP solutions help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.



With Infor VISUAL, order-driven manufacturers are able to monitor their progress immediately and drive quality into all aspects of their daily operations. They can see real-time system calculations and assumptions in building realistic schedules, use drag-and-drop features to customize, and easily streamline workflow—the result is more confident business decisions, faster problem-solving, and excellent results. 

Bringing Order to Your Business

Infor VISUAL is a comprehensive manufacturing ERP software that allows you to streamline your production visibility and automation for increased throughput, productivity, and growth.

Full-service Consulting

Our experienced team of ERP consultants are here to support you every step of the way, from choosing the right solution for your business to implementation to ongoing training and support. 

We are committed to helping you achieve success through the use of our wide array of robust ERP software solutions. 

Thank you for considering our solutions for your order-driven manufacturing needs. We look forward to working with you to drive efficiency and growth in your manufacturing business. 

Gain System-Wide Visibility and Control


Infor Quality Management

Infor Quality is your fully integrated quality compliance/management solution. IQM provides Non-Conformance and Corrective Action, FMEA’s, Advanced Product Quality and Production Part Approval Process, SPC, Inspection Plans and much more can be natively included in your installation.

IQM is fully integrated with powerful Engineering Change Management features. Engineering Change features deliver system-wide tools to manage Part, Product Structure, and Process changes with detailed review and release controls. All history is visible from the initial product design forward.


In-process transaction stops can be used to prevent transactions against open work orders with notification to engineering and production personnel related to pending changes.



CADLink connects your CAD solution to VISUAL™ for direct update/import of your parts and bill of materials. Engineering and support labor is expensive, and hand entry always includes some errors.

CADLink provides two-way integration between Infor VISUAL™ and the most popular CAD systems.

-Cut design costs

-Reduce cycle time.

-Improve Information flow and eliminate inaccuracies in Engineering Masters.

-Ensure drawing data is consistent.

Start Delivering, Stop Guessing.

With Infor VISUAL™, order-driven manufacturers can manage their entire operation, from planning and production to logistics and financials, all in one place.

On-Time Delivery

Shopfloor Automation

Work Order Management

Project Management

Performance Analysis


The Leading ERP for Small Manufacturing Enterprises

Start delivering profitable results on-time.


Infor VISUAL™ scheduling features understand your internal and external capacity constraints, material availability from inventory and lead time to acquire from multiple vendors. This translates to ongoing visibility regarding your ability to start job/operations when material and capacity are synchronized.


Additionally, our tools include the ability to create What If schedules and see the revenue and customer service impact of the changes you make. What If scenarios include the ability to drag and drop job/operations to quickly visualize potential changes.


Infor VISUAL™ Shopfloor Mobile execution features provide comprehensive access to authorized users on any device that supports a web browser. Your personnel can use cell phones, tablets, and desktops to record labor (direct and indirect), and receive, issue, transfer, ship, and return materials from/to vendors and customers. All inventory functions and visibility can be presented and managed on authorized devices by the user.

Using portable devices, managers can see and manage resource queues based on material and personnel.

Shopfloor WIP Management provides visibility of work orders and materials issued do the floor but not currently being worked on.


Do you lose visibility of work order and materials issued to work orders that are not being actively worked on? If the answer is yes, you need Shopfloor WIP Management.


Infor VISUAL™ unique presentation of simple and complex work orders that include all materials, internal operations, and outside service processes. How many work orders do you release to build a single customer product?


With Infor VISUAL™ you only need one work order and manage the entire delivery to one due date. All the tools in Infor VISUAL are focused on simplifying the data structures and management of timing and costing.

Infor VISUAL™ work order management tools blend seamlessly with the optional Project Management tools described in another section of this site.


Infor VISUAL™ Project Management features provide comprehensive features designed to allow multiple work orders, purchased for resale products, engineering services, agreed professional fees, and miscellaneous charges to be managed under a single project ID.

Project features include:

-Milestone, Shipment, Progress, Time & Materials invoicing

-Project budgeting and costing by Work Breakdown Structure.

-Project inventory management that includes normal interaction with traditional MRP tools that include commingling options, virtual warehouses by project, and customer-owned materials.

-Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project

-Project scheduling with visibility to linked production orders for standard products


Infor VISUAL™ performance analysis features provide real-time feedback by user role based on standard and user-defined Key Performance Indicators.


This is accomplished via Dashboards, Lead-Time Performance, and Automated Process/Activity tools.

Customer and Vendor Analysis based on economic and delivery metrics are available on-demand.

What is the quote to cash lead time in your business? If you don’t clearly understand your process efficiency, the VISUAL Performance tools will inform you.

CRM, Aerospace & Defense, Multi-Site Support

Infor VISUAL™ options include:


Manage your sales pipeline, marketing campaigns, Help Desk, and Services with VISUAL CRM Enterprise. CRM on the go via mobile devices supports your staff who work out of office.

Aerospace & Defense

Infor VISUAL™ Aerospace & Defense expands VISUAL™ Project to include contract and reporting for A&D customers. Manage complex overhead rates, multi-year rates, waterfall burdening, retroactive rate adjustments, earned value reporting, and project funds tracking. Accounting processes are DCAA, FAR, and CAS compliant.

Multi-Site Support

Infor VISUAL™ optional multi-site feature simplifies managing equipment, people, inventory, and all related activities across multiple physical locations. Buy and sell between sites. Maintain financial accounting at the site level with complete consolidation as desired.

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